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MODEL - BD 400

  • BD-400


  • Burglary-resistence certifications (in accordance with UNI EN 1627-28-29-30:2000 regulations) Classe 3
  • Energy performance certifications (in accordance with UNI EN ISO 10077-1-2:2002 regulations) W/M²k 2.6
  • Sound insulation certifications (in accordance with UNI EN ISO 10140-1-2-4 EN ISO 717-1 regulations) 19 db
  • Declaration of CE trademark (in accordance with UNI EN 14351 regulations) Marcatura CE



Standard equipment BD 400 Supporting frame made from galvanized steel th. 20/10 with 8 anchorage points
Fixed frame made from steel pre-finished with black embossed paint th. 20/10
Door made from single bent sheet of steel th. 12/10 with double vertical and horizontal reinforcement bars
European cylinder gear lock 688 G
Anti- tear defender device square shape DS 200
Cylinder type R50 with anti bumping system (5 keys + 1 service key)
Anti drill plate th. 30/10 in order to protect the lock
Cold protection blade
Opening limiting device
Double lower and upper switch
3 Invisible hinge
Wide-angle spyhole 200°
Square chrome satin accessories
Nylon caps
Internal smooth finishes (th. 7 mm) (to be selected)
External finishes (th. 14 mm) (to be selected)
Hinged door gasket co-extruded PVC - based adhesive
External gasket in Pvc co-extruded
Pressure sealing of the internal door frame side co-extruded PVC
Class 3 burglar resistance UNI en 1627
Thermal certification 2,6 W/m²K


  • Electrical device
  • Solution frame T2
  • Solution frame T3
  • Solution frame T4
  • Oblique frame
  • Service knob cylinder
  • Door step A sol – B sol.
  • Double cylinder lock
  • Double bent
  • Acoustic certification 32 DB
  • Acoustic certification 42 DB
  • Thermal certification
  • External open
  • Upper fanlights
  • Arched fanlights
  • Side fixes fanlights
  • Anti shock device DS 270
  • Night bar
  • Hi tech lock

Aesthetic options

  • Fixed frame made from steel pre-finished with brown embossed paint
  • Fixed frame made from steel pre-finished stainless steel effect
  • Ral or special ral powder-coated frame
  • Finishes (to be selected)
  • Accessories kit
  • Cover threads kit
  • Wood frame

Standard Dimension

Net clearance
External counter frame
800x2100 940x2170
850x2100 990x2170
900x2100 1040x2170

Customized: smaller or egual to: 900x2100 mm lnp