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MODEL - BD 300

  • BD-300


  • Burglary-resistence certifications (in accordance with UNI EN 1627-28-29-30:2000 regulations) Classe 3
  • Energy performance certifications (in accordance with UNI EN ISO 10077-1-2:2002 regulations) W/M²k 2.6
  • Sound insulation certifications (in accordance with UNI EN ISO 10140-1-2-4 EN ISO 717-1 regulations) 19 db
  • Declaration of CE trademark (in accordance with UNI EN 14351 regulations) Marcatura CE



Standard equipment BD 300 Supporting frame made from galvanized steel th. 20/10 with 8 anchorage points
Fixed frame made from steel pre-finished with black embossed paint th. 20/10
Door made from single bent sheet of steel th. 12/10 with double vertical and horizontal reinforcement bars
European cylinder gear lock 668G
Anti- tear defender device DS 200 square shape
Cylinder type R50 with anti bumping system (5 keys + 1 service key)
Anti drill plate th. 30/10 in order to protect the lock
Cold protection blade
Opening limiting device
Double lower and upper switch
3 Invisible hinge
Wide-angle spyhole 200°
Square satin chrome accessories
Nylon caps
Wood cover threads flush with internal finish
Internal finishes (th. 14 mm) (to be selected)
External finishes (th. 14 mm) (to be selected)
Hinged door gasket in EPDM
External gasket in Pvc co-extruded
Pressure sealing of the internal door frame side co-extruded PVC
Class 3 burglar resistance UNI en 1627
Thermal certification 2,6 W/m²K


  • Electrical device
  • Solution frame T2
  • Solution frame T3
  • Solution frame T4
  • Oblique frame
  • Service knob cylinder
  • Door step A sol – B sol.
  • Double cylinder lock
  • Double bent
  • Acoustic certification 32 DB
  • Acoustic certification 42 DB
  • Thermal certification
  • External open
  • Upper fanlights
  • Arched fanlights
  • Side fixes fanlights
  • Anti shock device DS 270
  • Night bar
  • Hi tech lock

Aesthetic options

  • Fixed frame made from steel pre-finished with brown embossed paint
  • Fixed frame made from steel pre-finished stainless steel effect
  • Ral or special ral powder-coated frame
  • Finishes (to be selected)
  • Accessories kit
  • Cover threads kit
  • Wood frame

Standard Dimension

Net clearance
External counter frame
800x2100 940x2170
850x2100 990x2170
900x2100 1040x2170

Customized: smaller or egual to: 900x2100 mm lnp